the cook(book)ing school: review of the vegetarian family cookbook by nava atlas

the cook(book)ing school: The Vegetarian Family Cookbook – Book Review

The Vegetarian Family Cookbook

The Vegetarian Family Cookbook by Nava Atlas

Let me start first by saying that I’m not a Vegetarian, however, I’ve been exploring more vegetarian based options for my meals and I have to say that this book, despite the fact that there are no color photos (which I enjoy), is a great resource.  It’s broken down by meal type, like “Easy Breakfast Treats” and “Sandwiches, Wraps, and Schools Lunches and it’s chock full of lively recipes that look tasty. Overall, The Vegetarian Family Cookbook by Nava Atlas is a great for any family trying to slowly but surely convert your everyone over to all vegetarian meals.

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the cook(book)ing school: your local library as culinary instructor

I love the local library and shouts out to The Athens County Public Library in Athens, Ohio. And sometimes, if you have time to peruse the shelves, you can find a great collection of cookbooks. Now all of you top chefs and Le Cordon Bleu educated experts, please don’t beat me up. I’m by no means saying that the library could ever replace formal culinary training.  What I am saying is that 1) If you can’t always afford to buy some of the many cookbooks out on the market by some of your favorite chefs, 2) if you have a library with a fabulous cookbook selection like I do, , and 3) If you want to “try” before you buy with some of the recipes and experiment at home without a huge investment, then it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Here are a few of the books (some old, some new), I picked up at the library this week and I hope to post a review of each of these soon:

The Vegetarian Family Cookbook by Nava Atlas (I’m exploring Vegetarian cooking more so this should be a fun read)






Food Trucks: Dispatches From The Best Kitchens On Wheels by Heather Shouse ( I love the Food Truck show and I like living dangerously and trying different foods from food trucks when I can so I can’t wait to peruse this one).







The New American Plate Cookbook by The American Institute for Cancer Research (This one from a research organization should be interesting).







The Oprah Magazine Cookbook (Introduction by Oprah Winfrey) (Well, it’s Oprah so you know it’s going to be spectacular…we’ll see).







Flavor by Rocco Disprito (Well, Rocco is just hot so I can’t wait to dig into this one….the cover alone. What’s that recipe? LOL)












How To Boil Water: Life Beyond Takeout(Food Network Kitchens) (I got this just for kicks cause I know how to boil water!)








Atkins Low-Carb  Cookbook by Veronica Atkins (I’m exploring the Atkins Diet, really just for the routine and the recipes)

cook(book)ing school: from zakka life, Caramel Bacon Popcorn Recipe

Mmmm. I’m sure this recipe is not on anyone’s Weight Watchers or “Get Skinny” diet plan, but this looks so delicious I’m thinking that many of us would be willing to throw all that out of the window just to taste it. Thanks to the zakka life blog for introducing this to us. I do plan to try it and share with others! Click the link to see the recipe.

zakka life: Caramel Bacon Popcorn Recipe.

image from zakka life blog


the cook(book)ing school: from, Kitchen Cabinet Essentials: Whip Up a Fabulous Meal on a Moment’s Notice – Life – EBONY

the cook(book)ing school – kitchen tips

Lately, I’ve been reading up on the proper kitchen tools and essentials to always keep in your kitchen to be a successful cook. I love this article from

Kitchen Cabinet Essentials: Whip Up a Fabulous Meal on a Moment’s Notice – Life – EBONY.

image from


the cook(book)ing school: from, Make Your Own Loaded Potato Skins – Project – Food News – CHOW

FROM I love potato skins so this is like a dream come true, like a hundred ways to make them. Can’t wait to try a few. Mmmmm……

Make Your Own Loaded Potato Skins – Project – Food News – CHOW.

image from, the philly cheesesteak potato skins


the cook(book)ing school: book review – a cookbook for people with new year’s cooking resolutions

weight watchers new complete cookbook

the cook(book)ing school: a cookbook for people with new year’s cooking resolutions

One of the goals I started off  2012 with has been  to post reviews of cookbooks that I have read or tried recipes from and share with you, my journey  through what I like to call “cook(book)ing school” – how to become a  great cook without going to cooking school.  In the process, I hope to create what I hope will become a pretty impressive cookbook collection.

Since 2012 began, I have also been on a kick to try my best to eat healthy.  One of my other goals for the new year was also to pick up a copy of the Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook, to begin my cookbook collection. I love this book because 1) all of the recipes come already calculated with Weight Watchers Points Plus and 2) the book came with a free subscription to Weight Watchers Magazine. 2 great benefits if you ask me!  The only thing I would criticize about this book is that there are not enough photos, however, I do like the fact that the book is made like a 3-ring binder with dividers for each section which makes it easy to find recipes. So far, I haven’t cooked anything from the cookbook but as soon as I do, I will post an update to let you know how it turned out.

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the cook(book)ing school

the cook(book)ing school: book review – A Real Cookbook Aimed at Real People

the cook(book)ing school:  A Real Cookbook Aimed At Real People

Kitchen Life: Real Food For Real Families -- Even Yours!Kitchen Life: Real Food For Real Families — Even Yours! by Art Smith

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kitchen Life by Art Smith is a great resource for anyone who is trying to develop a serious relationship with food, cooking, and their kitchen.  I appreciated the pre-quiz, Art’s Kitchen Life Quiz, at the front of the book that asks the novice chef questions like, What type of shopper are you?, What are your time challenges?, What kind of cook are you?, Are you eating right?, and What are your food preferences? At the end of the quiz, you have the opportunity to make an assessment of yourself as a cook for what Art calls “Real People, Real Solutions”. The cookbook overall is a great colorful book, however, I’m a sucker for lots of photos in a cookbook and this book, while the text is vibrant and easy to read, there are definitely not enough pictures of finished food product. I would have really appreciated that.

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the cook(book)ing school: from Food & Wine: Best Grilled Cheese In The U.S.

the cook(book)ing school – from Food & Wine

Food & Wine: Best Grilled Cheese In The U.S..

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