the cook(book)ing school:  A Real Cookbook Aimed At Real People

Kitchen Life: Real Food For Real Families -- Even Yours!Kitchen Life: Real Food For Real Families — Even Yours! by Art Smith

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kitchen Life by Art Smith is a great resource for anyone who is trying to develop a serious relationship with food, cooking, and their kitchen.  I appreciated the pre-quiz, Art’s Kitchen Life Quiz, at the front of the book that asks the novice chef questions like, What type of shopper are you?, What are your time challenges?, What kind of cook are you?, Are you eating right?, and What are your food preferences? At the end of the quiz, you have the opportunity to make an assessment of yourself as a cook for what Art calls “Real People, Real Solutions”. The cookbook overall is a great colorful book, however, I’m a sucker for lots of photos in a cookbook and this book, while the text is vibrant and easy to read, there are definitely not enough pictures of finished food product. I would have really appreciated that.

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