Make It Super Simple with G. GarvinMake It Super Simple with G. Garvin by Gerry Garvin

So, as I was lounging around at my friend’s house during my extended vacation, I picked up her copy of Make It Super Simple with G. Garvin. This man is only her favorite chef so I said to myself, let me see what all of the hubbub is about. I see why people love him. In this book he takes very practical everyday family and entertaining recipes, punches them up a notch to – just enough for the average person to be able to make them and still feel like they are a gourmet chef, while still keeping it simple. His focus is truly on family and get togethers with friends. I recommend this cookbook to anyone, especially the ladies because, besides the vivid food photography, there are some pretty good shots of G. Garvin doing his thing. But this would also be a great gift for any guy in your life that thinks he’s a great cook, but may not really be one (this will give him a clue without making him feel too girly). LOL. Great book!

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