The Meat Free Monday Cookbook by Annie Riggs

I love this cookbook, with a foreword by celebrities Paul and Stella McCartney, along with the accompanying website,,   It’s all about encouraging us to take account of our meat consumption as well as to pay more attention to the environment and climate around us. And, since I’m trying to incorporate more fun vegetarian based dishes into my meal plan (especially dinner), I thought this was the perfect companion for me. And I also like that the meal plans for a truly Meat-Free-Monday are all laid out from breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The only thing I don’t like about the book is that some of the ingredients may be inaccessible or just that realistically, I’m not going to find them (just being honest). But I do like that it offers to many creative ways to think about how we can easily prepare our food and be okay without eating meat with every meal.

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