the cook(book)ing school: yes it’s a diet book (with recipes): the overnight diet

the overnight diet by dr. caroline apovian

the overnight diet by dr. caroline apovian

By fate, I just happened to be sitting at home on Friday, May 3, watching one of my favorite shows, Dr. Oz (I’m normally at work when he’s on).  Dr. Oz featured Dr. Caroline Apovian, the creator of The Overnight Diet, and I was hooked. And I know it sounds too good to be true and I was skeptical, but really, the diet is just real food and exercise with lots of science behind it. I like that at the beginning of the book, Dr. Apovian says, “I’m not a cardiologist, or a family physician, or an emergency room doctor who dabbles in weight management on the side. I’m an obesity medicine physician, which means I specialize in weight loss”. I love this statement because she keeps it real with you and this is her life’s work and it tells me it’s not just a fad.  And I’m normally not a fan of e-books (I love real books), but I will tell you, I have never downloaded a book so quickly, than I did The Overnight Diet because I’m determined! (by the way, it’s only $10.55 on Amazon Kindle – and I don’t own a Kindle but I use their Kindle Cloud Reader online – it comes in handy!)


thank you for reading the cook(book)ing school!

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