FIXATE Cookbook - 21 Day Fix RecipesFIXATE Cookbook – 21 Day Fix Recipes by Autumn Calabrese

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While I’m not a Beach Body fanatic by any means, I am a fan of Autumn Calabrese and her movement to get people in shape and her portion control meal plan concepts. Last spring I started using the 21 Day Fix containers that came with the Fixate cookbook and I was hooked. What I like about the 21 Day Fix plan is that, even if you don’t use the containers every day or with every meal, the concept, helps you think more deeply about how many portions of veggies, fruits, proteins, etc. that you are taking in. I like that because it does help with my personal weight loss goals and staying on track. The recipes in the book are not overwhelming so just about anyone can duplicate the recipes. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone just getting started on meal planning.



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