the cook(book)ing school: lowfat ethnic cuisine

Indian Lowfat Cooking by Roshi Razzaq

I love Indian Food, and after reading several other cookbooks focusing on Indian Cuisine, I had not realized how fattening some Indian food could be until I read this Indian Lowfat Cooking. And although this book is a little dated, I still appreciate it and will definitely add it to my cookbook shelf as another guide on my path to healthy cooking.

the cook(book)ing school: Forget the Multiple Pots and Pans, Try One Dish (low calorie) Meals!

The 300 Calorie One-Dish Meal Cookbook by Nancy S. Hughes

Written in 1992, The 300- Calorie One Dish Meal Cookbook, was on the cusp of the low calorie meal movement. And as a person who doesn’t necessarily enjoy multiple pots and pans on the stove with multiple components and parts to a meal, I really appreciate the fact that this cookbook is all about “one-dish” meals. This is a vintage cookbook, chock full of great easy recipes. I will add it to my collection.

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the cook(book)ing school: Counting Calories? Check out this Vintage cookbook for tips!

The 1200 Calorie A Day Cookbook by Nancy S. Hughes

I’m starting to like these cookbooks with a “set menu” style of meal planning. I don’t enjoy having to come up with new meals everyday so the more cookbooks like The 1200 Calorie A Day Cookbook I can find will make my life much easier. And although this book was published in 1994 and there have been new versions of this type of cookbook, this one is still a great resource with some great recipes. I definitely recommend this as an addition to your cookbook collection.

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the cook(book)ing school: keep your family healthy

Healthy Family by Better Homes and Gardens

With so much news focused on America’s obesity levels and the move of even fast food restaurants to encourage us to eat healthy, here is a tried and true find that I think will do us all some good. Although it’s a little dated (written in 1995), The Better Homes and Gardens, Healthy Family Cookbook offers a vivid variety of recipes that seem easy to make and healthy. I recommend this as an addition to your cookbook collection and if you are looking for deals on vintage used cookbooks, it’s available for only around $5.00 on Amazon.

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the cook(book)ing school: A Little Food to Go With Your Wine

Food & Wine Magazine‘s 2002 Annual Cookbook

Food & Wine Magazine’s 2002 Cookbook is a collection of their annual recipes and I might add a very good one.  I used to subscribe to Food & Wine Magazine but now that I know they publish an annual cookbook, I will just wait for the book.  I most definitely want to try the Brazilian Chicken Stew on page 193. LOL. It looks delicious.